My first blog post

So it’s been a while since I had a blog. I stopped using social media and went through a very private period in my life. Recently I’ve started using it again. I’m trying to think more like my sister, Wyatt, “What do you care what other people think about you?” Really it doesn’t matter all that much. We all have opinions.

When thinking about what my blog would be about I decided to choose something that I can talk a lot about. Myself. I am an expert on myself and without trying to sound too vain, I think I am fairly interesting. Either way even if no one reads my blog except myself then it can be like a journal of sorts. My blog will be an online journal of crazy, interesting or entertaining things in my life and about me.

I am Dominique Elizabeth Barrentine. The one and only I am certain.

-Dominique Barrentine


Author: dominiquebarrentine

I am a twenty four year old woman, Christian, survivor, teacher and artist. I recently finished writing my first book, "Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday," a memoir of my life and I started a blog My book is in the editing phase but I hope to have it done before my birthday in November. I love to paint, draw, sing, dance, and all sorts of other things. Check out my blog to learn more...

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