Warning! My dreams contain mature content. Some people may find my dreams to be disturbing. Please do not continue reading if you are under age, easily offended, or do not want to read serious content.

I climb into the rafters hoping to escape the danger below. Pulling myself up and into the small space I pray that I was quiet enough not to attract too much attention. Many times before I have been here in this same spot, crouched in fear, trying to disappear. My hands tremble as I step away from the edge.

‘Am I safe now?’ I ask myself silently on the inside so as not to give away my hiding place. Knowing I couldn’t possibly have escaped that easily I began devising several back up plans.

“Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!” I heard a voice chanting. “You can run but you can’t hide little girl…” I recognized it.

That was her voice, the voice of the woman. I can tell it without even seeing the witch’s face. She is hunting me.

“You thought you could get away from me did you?” She called into the dark building assuming that I can hear her. My knees knocked together as my whole body trembled in fear. I held my breath in anticipation.
‘Please God!’ I prayed silently, ‘Don’t let her eat me.’

She had a thing for vore…for those of you who might have never heard of it, vorarephillia is a sexual perversion in which you become sexual aroused, find gratification, or pleasure from cannibalism. The most common type is “soft vore” which is the fantasy of swallowing someone whole with no bloodshed. Canth was into what would be considered hard vore/vampirism.

Often they would all joke about being vampires. They would play their little table top role playing games and pretend. Large gatherings of people would come over, or meet at the park, to play live action together. Online they would write fantasy stories. They always joked about being a cult. Behind closed doors…in the basements and dungeons…it is not a game.

In my dream I decide to run. I’m on the third story of my grandparents’ house in Seward Park. I look out across Lake Washington and suddenly realize I’m dreaming. So then I decide to fly instead.

I launch myself off the roof just as she is clutching for the purple velvet of my skits but I escape, just barely.

“Get back here you little bitch!” She screamed in a shrieking tone.

“Never!” I yell as I try to glide to a tree, or a roof. I needed something to land on every few feet because instead of flying confidently like a bird I glided like a squirrel or the small marsupial sugar glider that stretched out its flappy arms and launched itself from tree to tree. “Flying” was only the technical term. In my dream it always feels like falling. When I run I can’t really run and when I fly I only sort of fly.

I noticed a small girl clinging in a tree so I aimed for her and landed with a crash only a few feet below her. She was about four or five, with long dark blonde hair and brown eyes just like me. Apparently she had climbed up here on her on. Perhaps, like me, she was hiding from someone.

“Psst.” I whispered trying not to scare her. “Little girl… Can I help you?”

“Yes but I can’t get down,” she said nervously eyeing down the fifty foot trunk of the ancient cedar tree. “Even if I could she would find me. I can’t go down,” she started crying, “and I can’t go home.” She stared off into the distance silent tears falling like raindrops.

But it wasn’t raining now. The sky was grey as usual but as the two of us sat in that tree we were unusually dry and warm.

“It’s ok.” I tried to reassure her. “What’s your name? Wait let me guess…Kiki!”

“How did you know?” She asked in her soft girlish tone still looking down at the distant ground as if somehow by keeping her eyes on it she was guaranteeing her safety.

“I am you.” I responded. “This is only a dream. Are you ok now?” I climbed up to the branch next to her and sat down.

“Let’s blink somewhere.” She said softly closing her eyes. I did the same and seconds later when I opened them we were at an old playground on the beach.

“Ha!” I laughed, pulling off my shoes. “Now that’s better!”

Digging our toes into the sand we both giggled and sighed with relief when we collapsed on the beach. Suddenly a sun break in the North West clouds and gold flecks lit up our brown eyes and our hair.

“You are so beautiful.” I told the child version on me. “Kiki, I love you! Don’t every go away ok?”

“This is where I live now.” She replied with a smile. “Now I’m inside of you until the day you die when we will be reestablished in Heaven. For now I belong in your heart, in your mind, and in your dreams. Come visit me here. When you are afraid call out to me or come sit and play!”

She jumped up and hopped onto a swing. Slowly at first her pumping legs lifted her only slightly. Gradually she rose higher and higher in the swing. Her hair splayed out in gold behind her, a smile spread across her face.

‘Thank you child me,’ I thought and climbed into the seat next to her.

“Thank you for saving me Kiki!” I said sailing like a bird on a wing in that swing. Climbing higher and higher I touched.

“No Dominique, Thank YOU for saving us!” She responded and then I awoke.

-Dominique Barrentine 


Easter Dying Update 

Happy Easter everyone!   
So yesterday when I dyed my eggs I threw in some home spun wool yarn I made with my drop spindle. Waiting for yarn to dry is testing my patience. I can’t wait to knit this up. I especially love the light blue but each one is lovely and unique! The three chunky ones will be one project I think a scarf. The other two perhaps a coller or a caplet? 

 I also made egg salad sandwiches with some of the eggs I dyed yesterday. Mmmm. I use olive oil, a little mayo, a little mustard, garlic powder, salt & pepper, eggs of course, onion and olives. Yummy! 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Sky of Many Colors

The sky is blue 

I don’t know what to do

With light shine through

The sky is black 

I can’t hold back

With a panic attack

The sky is pink

I couldn’t think

With out my drink

The sky is bright

I see the light

With it improved sight

The sky is dull

I feel the pull

With emotions full

The sky is blue

I knew

This is what I should do

-Dominique Barrentine 


He had magic 

In his feet

In his eyes

In his hands

He was from outer space 

Another time

Another place

They said he was this

They said he was that

No one understood

He was a moon walker

He was a night stalker

He was a genie 

From a far away land

No one will forget

His name

His moves

His songs 

We loved him

We hurt him

Oh what a man

But was he a man?

Or was he a little boy? 

The world will never know

What could have been?

What would have been? 

Just a shooting star

Just a moonwalker 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Photograph of equestrian portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson) 2009, oil on canvas by 

Kehinde Wiley 

On display at SAM 

The condition of my house plants

Recently I have been very worried about the condition of my house plants. Especially with the move coming up, I was concerned that some of them might not make it. I was right. After one of my house plants died recently I decided to do a full inspection; perhaps I could save some lives.

My wandering Jew appeared very weak last week when I took its pictures and wrote a blog post on it. Originally it lived on the windowsill in the living room. But while we staged the house all of the house plants went into the laundry room. My husband once joked about how the laundry room was where plants go to die. Somehow he was right, it seems like since last summer every time I put a plant in the laundry room it died, especially green healthy leafy plants.

Last year when I grew tomatoes and various other plants in my laundry room we had an outbreak of spider mites. Upon further inspection I noticed not only spider mites but some kind of small caterpillars had taken residence in my wandering Jew. Oy vey! I was going to have to try to eradicate this pesky little buggy once and for all.

I quickly got to work pulling all of the plants out of the laundry room. I started with my spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum. She had given birth to a baby plant!  

Check out that adorable little ariel plant hanging on. Mama is ready for a new pot too! These plants were gifted to me from my Mama Niki. Thanks for the gift that just keeps giving. My wandering Jew is also made from cuttings of your plant just last year! 

These plants are so hearty and they grow so fast. The mama spider plant wants a bigger pot. After cutting off the baby (scroll down.) I gave the mother plant a deep soaking. The water helps soften the roots for re potting. 

Next I pulled her out of the confining little blue pot. I could tell she was ready because the roots were coming out of the hole in the bottom. Once I got her out you can see she was root locked so badly that she couldn’t grow any more. That is why she made a baby! 

Nice root structure lady! I loosened up the roots some, very delicately separating some of the larger ones. I realized this plant wasn’t just one plant but a few more babies had formed beside the mother and grown up along beside her. Check it out! 

If I wanted to separate these into three different plants I could. But with the move I think it would be best to save that for another day. Instead I plant her in a nice green pot with fresh potting soil. I left a good lip to protect her in the car during our move to California in a few weeks. 

Her new pot looks great with the leaves. Here she is back on the little table with water, fresh soil, light and love. That’s what makes plants grow! 

Aww little baby spider plant. It was just barely big enough to be cut and planted. I feel like the plant midwife. 

Cut the “umbilical cord” as I like to call it, as close to the Mama as possible. Some people cut in other places this is just how I did it. A segment of the stem should always be left on. 

If you look carefully at this photo you can see the ariel rootlets. I cut mine between my ring finger and my middle finger. Planting those under the soil will develop quickly into the baby plants first real roots! 

Now for the bad news, the wandering Jew got slashed. She was so infested with spider mites I decided I had to cut out the majority of the plant. Upon visual inspection there were so many little bugs that are almost invisible to the naked eye, living on the leaves. Every leaf that had a spider or caterpillar on it, or even an injury for them to hide in, got cut off of the plant. I am sorry to say the wandering Jew is much smaller now. Pray that it lives!

This plant will be watched carefully for the next two weeks for any sign of bugs. If it is still infected by the time we move I will be forced to put it out of its misery. I also took a few cuttings from it and put them in water on the windowsill. I am hoping to start a new plant. Who knows maybe they will all live?

The rest of the plants seem to be safe for now. I brought them all out of the laundry room and placed them around the house. They seem to be doing much better. I’m sure the cactuses and the aloe Vera will be happy in California. 

Here are my baby orchids along with the baby spider plant on the windowsill above the sink in the kitchen. I’m surprised I haven’t killed any of them.

I have two other surviving orchids, and two bamboo plants. One of which the largest bamboo plant I got from my brother. The orchid in the pink pot was the very first orchid I ever received. I’m shocked it’s not dead. 

On the contrary it seems to be doing quite well. I must get my green thumb from my father, thanks dad.

I also have two little Christmas cactuses. When they are in full bloom one has red flowers and the other has got pink flowers. The hot pink one even has a couple buds on it now. 

Last but not least are my aloe vera. I started this aloe vera in the apartment Alan and I shared when we first started dating. It was only one tiny little piece of a thing and now look at it! I have taking out numerous babies and given them to all sorts of people and they just do this. The aloe vera that keeps multiplying!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my plant collection. Please feel free to leave your comments below, or email me directly at Barrentinedominique@gmail.com 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Poetry in motion 

Poetry in Motion

A bag blowing circles in the wind rustling colored leaves dancing lightly on branches waving high up birds fluttering in the treetops swooping spiraling downward earthbound 

The humming of a schoolyard bustling with children playing their imaginary games together house and cops running laughing at themselves in innocence 

A crowd gathering together standing for the same thing in unity and pridefully singing loudly an anthem of a nation emotionally

A baby being born one early morning wailing to its young mother for communication and love that tender first moment or heartbreak, it matters so much can be lost in a kiss

The rolling of the ocean waves crashing on the beach glowing with color brilliant fiery sunset lightning crashes on the sand making glass were there once was 


Megan Nedds: The Fantastic Fiber Artist

Please let me introduce you to the amazing and fantastic fiber artist, Megan Nedds. She is truly inspiring to me. As I looked through her portfolio of life like creations my jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe how realistic these needle felted animals are. Megan is a magnificent artist! I am really excited to share her work here on my blog. She has so many amazing felted creations it’s hard to know where to start.

This is Clementine the alpaca. She is one of the many fiber animals artists will use for their wool. I loved that Megan chose to create a replica of these important and valuable creatures. I can just imagine the smell of the soft new wool Clementine, the young alpaca cria must have. (Wow! I just learned the word for a baby alpaca is a cria. I had to look it up:)

I was first taken aback by Megan Nedds life like birds. Lola, the green-macaw is so beautiful with a majestic wingspan. I’ve always loved birds since I was a child, especially bright colorful ones like these felt sculptures. I can tell that this artist is a bird lover and a true animal lover. She has an amazing eye!

Look how cute and lifelike Oliver, the Budgie is as he perches like a pet bird on Megan’s finger. The details that go into each one of these lovingly made masterpieces are so intricate and accurate. I just adore all of her birds! Here are just a few more of her birds of many varieties:

I was also particularly drawn to her owls. Has anyone else ever noticed how popular owls and birds in general seem to be these days? The textile birds from a few years ago comes to mind. I have artist friends that devote their time solely on birds.
Here are a couple adorable owls. I call them adorable but in reality owls are actually predator animals. They have even been known to attack humans from time to time especially for getting too close to a nest. If you seen an owl nesting do not disturb it. The owls talons are sharp and these dangerous birds usually go for the eyes and the back of the neck even when you flee. Adorable!

This is Vincent the snowy owl. He stands ten and a half inches tall with beautiful “feathers” and golden glowing eyes,

And this is Glenn, the snowy owl. One of her largest creations, Glenn is a whopping eighteen inches tall! Wow! That’s a big bird.

Moving on from birds let me introduce Donatello the gray wolf. What is striking to me about him are his strong features and the careful blending in the different tones of his fur.
As you can tell from these photos all of the felted animals can be posed due to their wire frames. They would be excellent for drawing reference in any art studio or decoration in the home of an animal lover.

I find it stunning how these wolves seem to look right at you. Whenever I see a wolf I think of my sister who is perhaps part wolf. She has always loved wolves and collects many wolf related things. Anyone with a similar collection would be thrilled to receive one of these one of a kind creations.

Megan’s collection of past works is very extensive. As far as I can tell most of these are custom pieces. She can offer quotes for custom pieces if you wanted to have a personalized item done and also answer any questions on Facebook. She has many wolves and other kinds of dogs as well. Check out this one!

Bailey is a shepherd and coonhound mix with expressive chocolate colored eyes. I can’t imagine how special it would be to memorialize a pet and this way. Even after they’ve died you would still have something to remember them by. I could see the statues being almost like stuffed animals for grown-ups and artists of all ages alike!

Megan Nedds seems to do an excellent job capturing facial expressions on the faces of these dogs. It really is the little details that make the dog come too life. Check out the little pads on the bottom of his feet. Kaltag is a smiling husky dog and I just love him! Don’t you?

Aww and sweet chocolate Cody with piercing blue eyes. These dogs just blow my mind!

Here are some more various dogs and wolves for you to admire.

Pictured here are some more wolves! Each one is posed in a different position. You have Midnight, Malachi, Kyle, and Dakota. I wish I could collect them all to have a whole pack of wolves together. These would be so cool to make old style animated movies with! 

If you are more of a cat person maybe you would prefer Harrison or Coco Puff, the cats. I love how she poses her animals in ways that capture their character. Look at Coco Puff as she playfully dances for an imaginary toy. Harrison the cat looks so snuggly with his patchy orange fur and that look that just screams, “Pick me UP MEOW!”

How precious and soft these felt creations are! I just want to collect them all and pet the soft fibers. This bunny, Banjo, is the cutest thing ever!

I love how each one has such a personal feel. They are all named and clearly lovingly made. The variety of creatures she has posted on her Facebook page is amazing.

The Woolen Wagon Facebook page for artist Megan Nedds
Wow, check out these African elephants! Megan Nedds has created many elephants of various sizes and types. My favorites are these two young calfs.

Look for her online now for more of the adorable animals and amazing creations, exotic Tigers to playful kittens and everything in between. To see her entire portfolio I urge you to check out, Megan Nedds on Facebook

Megan Nedds Facebook
And her etsy store!

The Woolen Wagon Etsy Store
And her WordPress Blog!

Megan Nedds WordPress
Thank You Megan for creating such magical art. I’m sure these animals bring joy to each and every customer you have. Thank you, Megan, for your passion for the animals and also for the charity work you do.

Right now if you purchase from her a donation will be made for a little baby’s heart surgery.

Check out Zoey’s Heart page also on Facebook

Charity for Baby Zoey’s Heart
Megan also shares images of the creation process and how she hand felts each part of her animals. She teaches others how to needle felt and is an inspiration to all of us artists that admire her!
Thank you Kris Hyland Kolb, Megan’s art teacher for your comment and also for taking this great photo of Megan. I love how this shot captures the artist’s personality alongside her work. 
Thanks again to Megan Nedds. I’ve really enjoyed your art so much!

-Dominique Barrentine