Coloring Pages

My dear, darling hubby bought me this coloring book at the airport a while back. I just want to share a few of the pictures I have done so far. 

 I love using Sakura Gell pens in this book. The metallic, sparkly and shadowed tones make the different patterns pop. 


It is a Christian Peace Meditation coloring book so some of the pages have scriptures on them. 


I love this cross made of flowers and butterflies. I chose to limit my colors on each page. This one uses the glittery pinks, purples, blues and greens only. 

Some of the pages I chose only to color a part of the pattern. Like in this one I selected primary red as the subject so I only colored the inner most hexagon. 


This was a fun page with nine mandalas of similar patterns. I chose two colors for each and tried to make them look as different from one another as possible. 

  Coloring brings peace to my life. Also as an artist it helps to keep my hands accustomed to being used for creating even when I am not painting. I have gone through periods of years where I stopped painting and only colored. Now I like to experiment with different tools and medium. I will always love coloring! 


This one I used colored pencil to mix things up a bit. I really love the horse in this page. It might be my favorite so far. 

Well that’s enough for now. Ttfn.

-Dominique Barrentine   




Warning! My dreams contain mature content. Some people may find my dreams to be disturbing. Please do not continue reading if you are under age, easily offended, or do not want to read serious content.

I climb into the rafters hoping to escape the danger below. Pulling myself up and into the small space I pray that I was quiet enough not to attract too much attention. Many times before I have been here in this same spot, crouched in fear, trying to disappear. My hands tremble as I step away from the edge.

‘Am I safe now?’ I ask myself silently on the inside so as not to give away my hiding place. Knowing I couldn’t possibly have escaped that easily I began devising several back up plans.

“Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!” I heard a voice chanting. “You can run but you can’t hide little girl…” I recognized it.

That was her voice, the voice of the woman. I can tell it without even seeing the witch’s face. She is hunting me.

“You thought you could get away from me did you?” She called into the dark building assuming that I can hear her. My knees knockedĀ together as my whole body trembled in fear. I held my breath in anticipation.
‘Please God!’ I prayed silently, ‘Don’t let her eat me.’

She had a thing for vore…for those of you who might have never heard of it, vorarephillia is a sexual perversion in which you become sexual aroused, find gratification, or pleasure from cannibalism. The most common type is “soft vore” which is the fantasy of swallowing someone whole with no bloodshed. Canth was into what would be considered hard vore/vampirism.

Often they would all joke about being vampires. They would play their little table top role playing games and pretend. Large gatherings of people would come over, or meet at the park, to play live action together. Online they would write fantasy stories. They always joked about being a cult. Behind closed doors…in the basements and dungeons…it is not a game.

In my dream I decide to run. I’m on the third story of my grandparents’ house in Seward Park. I look out across Lake Washington and suddenly realize I’m dreaming. So thenĀ I decide to fly instead.

I launch myself off the roof just as she is clutching for the purple velvet of my skits but I escape, just barely.

“Get back here you little bitch!” She screamed in a shrieking tone.

“Never!” I yell as I try to glide to a tree, or a roof. I needed something to land on every few feet because instead of flying confidently like a bird I glided like a squirrel or the small marsupial sugar glider that stretched out its flappy arms and launched itself from tree to tree. “Flying” was only the technical term. In my dream it always feels like falling. When I run I can’t really run and when I fly I only sort ofĀ fly.

I noticed a small girl clinging in a tree so I aimed for her and landed with a crash only a few feet below her. She was about four or five, with long dark blonde hair and brown eyes just like me. Apparently she had climbed up here on her on. Perhaps, like me, she was hiding from someone.

“Psst.” I whispered trying not to scare her. “Little girl… Can I help you?”

“Yes but I can’t get down,” she said nervously eyeing down the fifty foot trunk of the ancient cedar tree. “Even if I could she would find me. I can’t go down,” she started crying, “and I can’t go home.” She stared off into the distance silent tears falling like raindrops.

But it wasn’t raining now. The sky was grey as usual but as the two of us sat in that tree we were unusually dry and warm.

“It’s ok.” I tried to reassure her. “What’s your name? Wait let me guess…Kiki!”

“How did you know?” She asked in her soft girlish tone still looking down at the distant ground as if somehow by keeping her eyes on it she was guaranteeing her safety.

“I am you.” I responded. “This is only a dream. Are you ok now?” I climbed up to the branch next to her and sat down.

“Let’s blink somewhere.” She said softly closing her eyes. I did the same and seconds later when I opened them we were at an old playground on the beach.

“Ha!” I laughed, pulling off my shoes. “Now that’s better!”

Digging our toes into the sand we both giggled and sighed with relief when we collapsed on the beach. Suddenly a sun break in the North West clouds and gold flecks lit up our brown eyes and our hair.

“You are so beautiful.” I told the child version on me. “Kiki, I love you! Don’t every go away ok?”

“This is where I live now.” She replied with a smile. “Now I’m inside ofĀ you until the day you die when we will be reestablished in Heaven. For now I belong in your heart, in your mind, and in your dreams. Come visit me here. When you are afraid call out to me or come sit and play!”

She jumped up and hopped onto a swing. Slowly at first her pumping legs lifted her only slightly. GraduallyĀ she rose higher and higher in the swing. Her hair splayed out in gold behind her, a smile spread across her face.

‘Thank you child me,’ I thought and climbed into the seat next to her.

“Thank you for saving me Kiki!” I said sailing like a bird on a wing in that swing. Climbing higher and higher I touched.

“No Dominique, Thank YOU for saving us!” She responded and then I awoke.

-Dominique BarrentineĀ 

Following Your Calling

And the power of prayer. 


Do you ever hear voices in your head? I know I sure do! I think we must each have these voices or inner monologues going on within the confines of our skulls. These voices say so many different things. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which voices are Devils working against us. Often it is even harder to discern the voice of God. 

Our minds get so filled up in this world with stimulation constantly streaming in from every direction. We experience our little lives and go about in this technological age soaking up information on our computers and our smart phones. How do we turn ourselves off and hear God! 

It’s simple really. The first thing you do is put the cell phone down. Then you go somewhere by yourself and sit quietly for a few moments. Take a deep breath and let it go. Take another deep breath perhaps you count to ten. Personally I try to empty my mind by just counting my breath for awhile. If you have ever meditated it is sort of like that. Jesus often went to meditate by himself and talk to God. The night before he was killed he sat alone in a dark garden quietly talking to God. 

Sometimes I am afraid to be by myself quietly. I can get anxious and nervous, perhaps even sick to my stomach when I am alone. Fear is from the devil. The enemy doesn’t want me to pray so I must overcome that un-comfort. I must submit myself and just let go. 

I have been trying to sit quietly more often. That is an excellent way to open up and allow God to speak into your life. I pray out loud and say, “God please speak into my life. Lead me on the path I should be walking. I trust in You. Amen.” 

So if you are wanting to find your true purpose… I would suggest you sit quietly and seek God’s wisdom and advice. He is an excellent guide and a great listener. Bring everything to him in prayer. It works for me, how about you? 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Easter Dying UpdateĀ 

Happy Easter everyone!   
So yesterday when I dyed my eggs I threw in some home spun wool yarn I made with my drop spindle. Waiting for yarn to dry is testing my patience. I can’t wait to knit this up. I especially love the light blue but each one is lovely and unique! The three chunky ones will be one project I think a scarf. The other two perhaps a coller or a caplet? 

 I also made egg salad sandwiches with some of the eggs I dyed yesterday. Mmmm. I use olive oil, a little mayo, a little mustard, garlic powder, salt & pepper, eggs of course, onion and olives. Yummy! 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Yes, he’s alive. 

He has risen

           from the dead 

                     and Jesus is here. 

We could’ve never known

Hung crucified on a cross

                  Jesus would return

                         for us he gave himself

On this side of God

He couldn’t leave us 

Alone and afraid

Separated from Him

Always sinning

We bring evil upon our self

Jesus brings eternal life

    Without Him is only death

          On Easter He conquered 

So today and everyday 

      we celebrate together 

His life and love

      Greater than any other 

             Power beyond borders 

Our Lord has the ability 

          For every need you have

                         God is the provider

Jesus lives inside us 

Always working 

        trying to pull out all goodness 

He shows our contents
Loves us all the same
I give myself to him and
Celebrate this sacred day. 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Egg dying for Easter

I had a great time dying my eggs today for Easter. I focused mainly on a blue and red color scheme and used the traditional method of using food coloring and vinegar. Of course I don’t do anything the plain old boring way. But I started with fresh white eggs 

  I boiled them and used vinegar in the water to thin the shell and made them more receptive to the food coloring. Once they had boiled for about ten minutes I ran them under ice cold water to cool the. I got this batch of cage free, organic white eggs at our local Safeway grocery store this morning. Many of the shells were broken but I decided to embrace the cracks and incorporate that into the design of my eggs. 

Using various methods I dropped color, soaked some and dipped others into baths of colored vinegar mixed with food color. By leaving them in longer I achieved darker richer colors. Some I only just dunked quickly for a light tint of color. 

  This one was dipped in light orchid colored vinegar and then I dropped a few drops of concentrated color directly on the shell. 
  By leaving it in dye for longer and changing positions of the egg I achieved different effects. This egg also has the print left from where I laid a napkin on to soak up some color leaving a lighter layover of pattern. 
  Here are a few close up photos of my favorite but ones. I love the contrast of the blood red one. I tried to use religious symbolism through the collection of eggs from the cross to the blood of Jesus.  
This egg was created by soaking a paper towel in vinegar, folding it several times, creating the cross patern on th tissue…then I wrapped the paper tool around the egg and covered with plastic wrap while the stain too effect. It came out cool! 

You can see the deca-cake brand food coloring box in the background. You really should use gloves when handing dyes but I always seem to forget! 


After I dyed my eggs I used the vinegar and food coloring to dye this yard. The green one I call “artist self portrait.”  
 Here are the blue egg dyed yarns in a bag off color to sit over night…perhaps for days until I get around to rinse, hang, and dry it! 

I hope you enjoyed my Easter Egg post! God bless America and watch after her in these hard times. Thank you Jesus for dying for us, without you only death but with you eternal life! Amen! 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Dangerous LoveĀ 

Dangerous Love  
 Before you let yourself fall madly deeply under love’s trance like dance

After you ask yourself questions between midnight glances 

Before you get swept up inwards and downwardly spiraling drafts

After realizing only seconds too late situations call for desperate measure

God sends you an angel

Leading you away from 

harm and danger

Finally lifting you up 

allowing you to be 

everything to someone. 

Love knows no difference

You cannot imagine 

Alone I will fail 

With Him Forever 

-Dominique Barrentine