My socks 

For my Dad:

I think my socks are going to give up their time on this planet has come to a close. They are tired now. My socks are ready to explode. They have carried me as far as they could. The best socks I ever had where these green wool socks that were gifted to me. Your brother gave me these socks when I really badly needed socks. And I’m grateful to my uncle Ricky for that😜 Not too much else to say but have a very free and green Friday! ✌️ 

-Dominique Barrentine 


Author: dominiquebarrentine

I am a twenty four year old woman, Christian, survivor, teacher and artist. I recently finished writing my first book, "Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday," a memoir of my life and I started a blog My book is in the editing phase but I hope to have it done before my birthday in November. I love to paint, draw, sing, dance, and all sorts of other things. Check out my blog to learn more...

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