Lamb Chops for Dinner!!!

        It is once again lambing season which means lamb chops are available in stores. I found these high quality organic lamb chops for hubby to cook at the local Safeway Grocery store. 


       He cooked them rare with burnt garlic just right! So delicious, tender and juicy little vittles! Mmmmm mmmm Baby Sheep taste so good.  
        Here is my handsome man cooking us up some lamb chops and zucchini Italian style with lots of black pepper. He makes the best meats I’ve ever tasted. I was a vegetarian when we met but from my first bite of his corned beef I was hooked! 


       These are the beautiful side dishes to go along with our lamb. We had aThe Black and Tan wooden cutting board underneath our glass plates was a wedding gift from Hubby’s dear sweet sister ❤️

        I love my devoted husband for so many reasons! Just one of many his his exceptional cooking skills. Also his ability to know just what I need right when I need it is out of the world. He is so Cool! 😎

      God bless the food and our time together in Jesus Holy Name… Amen 
-Dominique Barrentine 


Author: dominiquebarrentine

I am a twenty four year old woman, Christian, survivor, teacher and artist. I recently finished writing my first book, "Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday," a memoir of my life and I started a blog My book is in the editing phase but I hope to have it done before my birthday in November. I love to paint, draw, sing, dance, and all sorts of other things. Check out my blog to learn more...

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