Morning Coffee

 Ravens brew gourmet coffee is locally brewed in Seattle and available in grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest. 

I really love coffee. Really. 

The fresher you can get the beans the better the cup’o joe is going to be. So when I first saw this “Wicked Wolf” staring back at me from the shelf with the little tag “Local” underneath, I just had to try it. 

The first time I had Ravens Brew coffee was on a camping trip. I use a French press to make my coffee so it’s super fresh and portable. I decided to treat myself by buying a nice bean so that my morning coffee would be extra special on my trip. 

From that first time since I have loved this coffee!  

With a rich bold flavor and an oily freshness Wicked Wolf coffee has got to be the best in town! (And yes I buy beans at coffe Appassionato on Capital Hill.) But you just can’t beat Ravens Brew. 

Mmmmm coffee. I am going to go get a second cup now. 


-Dominique Barrentine