Garden Update and Progress 

Hey blog people! It’s been a bit since I posted but you know… Real life… So I thought I would give a little update on the garden and progress here in our new home.

I’ve always had good luck with growing tomatoes. Which is a very nice treat because I happen to love tomatoes as does my dear hubby. I have five different kinds of heirloom tomatoes growing right now and all of them have given at least some fruit so far. More to come! Way more.

The cucumbers turned yellow… Which I think maybe is supposed to happen… I’m guessing they might be a special kind of cucumber… This was my first try with them and I will be planting more in the shade next time with something to grow into.

My melon seeds took off and are growing all over the place. I planted cantaloupe, honeydew, and I believe there is a watermelon somewhere… We will find out. Lots of flowers so far!

Corn and beans did well here. Peas did not. Each pea plant that survived gave me one pea pod filled with the whimiest peas I’ve ever seen. I think they got too much sun. Gonna plant more soon. The beans did great and are delicious. Still making beans. Corn is coming along. The bottom corn is regular heirloom sweet corn the top is rainbow corn from last Halloween. Excited to see what we get from these.

Here is my pumpkin plant which has made dozens of flowers and keeps getting bigger. I’m praying for at least a couple before Halloween so I can carve them with my kid friends. If not I’ll just have to buy some.

The Aloe Vera that I brought from Washington almost died but it seems to be acclimatizing now. At first they turned black and shriveled up. Now they are perky and green again. Yay! I love Aloe.

Some of the herbs survived the scorching temps and sunshine. A little parsley, basil, dill, mustard, savory, tiny bit of oregano and lots of chives. I’ll be planting more as soon as we stop hitting 100 degrees. Herbs don’t like that. I also look forward to doing more inside once I finish painting, decorating, and organizing the home.

Don’t worry I watered these peppers right after I took this picture. I realized they were thirsty. A few tiny buds are forming. Looking forward to them.

And lastly here are the cats on their first days in the yard respectively. Sir Charles earned his first because he is a good cat. He went out yesterday and loves it. Princess Boo kitty came out this morning and feels the same. I hadn’t let them out since we moved from Olympia (years ago now) because I was afraid if they left the yard they would get hurt or lost. I told them here that as long as they stay in the yard we are good. The first time one gets the wise idea to jump the fence that will be the end of outside privileges. Sometimes I feel like the cat jailer but at least they aren’t pancakes…

Anyways hope everyone is having a beautiful day. Thanks for reading! God Bless you all and keep you in his heart no matter what for ever and ever in Jesus Name! 💙

-Dominique Barrentine


July Sixth Drift:: a poem by Dominique 


A poem by Dominique 

Drifting into the space

between dreams and reality 

Opening up the mind

to unknown possibilities

Breaking the chains of slavery 

freeing yourself with love

We ask ourselves questions 

in the deep dark

Am I meant to live this way 


should I surrender it all to you? 

I choose submission 

to the one true God. 


-Dominique Barrentine 

Abandon:: a poem by Dominique Barrentine 


a poem by:

Dominique Barrentine

Quietly I whisper my fears

To the Lord I give it all 

My burden is nothing

Innocently I cry with faith

Hopeful of the future 

My fear is nothing

Lonely I reach upwards

Inward I reach for the spirit

My reality is nothing

Honestly I try for love sake

Trying not to shake/break

My pain is nothing

Hopefully I teach love

Pouring into everyone 

My life is nothing

-Dominique Barrentine 

Californian Flowers Walking Dog in the Sunshine

Walking Oy in the sunshine is one of my new favorite things. I recently started trading artist cards so I needed to walk down to the mailbox. So I leashed up my little Chihuahua and we went for a nice walk. Just because it’s nearly 100 degrees outside we aren’t going to stop having fun. So we enjoyed a leisurely pace and saw some lovely Oleanders along the way. I have one happy little hot dog now! 
White, Red and Pink Oleander seems to be constantly blooming around here. It has always been one of my favorite flowers. I find the delicate beauty mixed with its toxic nature to be balanced well. Even when the lovely blooms fade these delicious (or not so) green foliage is pretty to look at year round. Just don’t let your kids or pets eat it and you should be fine! 

-Dominique Barrentine

Ps: if you like emotional stories about strong creative females check out the book, “White Oleander,” one of my all time favorites. 

Revelations and Revolutions:: A poem by: Dominique Barrentine

Revelations and Revolutions::

A poem

by: Dominique Barrentine

A child’s laugh breaks 
The silence that overwhelmed us now filling the empty spaces 
Between innocence and maturity perhaps something close to a tear 
Sliding down and breaking
In the quiet darkness our minds wander to distant places, people, things
Revolving around appearances without any concern for truth
Don’t let the innocent disappear broken into the night
Embrace the uncomfortableness of change without fear
Step boldly into the space

The distance is nothing

Compared to the truth
We make the simple things complicated 
We break ourselves instead of embracing those imperfections
Beauty lies in the cracks

Secretly we cry

Alone we die
Never giving ourselves the chance to fully blossom 
Hiding the wrinkles and pretending on the outside
Waking alone without knowing where we are going 
Giving up control seems impossible
Ancient habits controlling our every move
Pretending becomes a full time job and nothing seems right
Until we give up control we can never know the truth 
The only way…

The truth, the light eludes so many but is available to all who seek reality
Wake up and abandon the life of sleep walking 
Reach to the heavens with true weakness bearing this honest beauty for all to see devoid of fear
Know that you are loved

Beauty. a short poem by: Dominique 

Beauty: A short poem

By: Dominique Barrentine 

4:09 Tuesday, June 14th 2016, California 



Oh Beauty 

How you haunt me

Everywhere I go

My beauty, you follow me

Are you a blessing 

Or really a curse

My body a vessel

Temporary shell on earth 

One day will I escape

No more empty stares

Cat calls will be silenced

We never asked for that

How come you cry out

It’s not me that you see

But my body, my beauty

It’s not real

It’s not me

I am more than my body.


Passionate Expression of Empathy by: Dominique Barrentine

ADULT CONTENT WARNING:: This blog post concerns sensitive material concerning rape and may be triggering or offensive to some people.  I am outraged and deeply saddened when I hear of cases such as the State of California vs. Brock Turner. Our legal system is demented when rapists are given a slap on the wrist. How is it that so many people can look the other way? Unfortunately rapists are all around us. The sex offender registry is a joke. We need new judges, new laws, and steeper consequences. I think the book should be thrown at this kid and all others like him. Rape is wrong. 

When it happens to other people
They say how sad, 

They say poor thing, 

But when it happens to you it’s different, 

It’s everything. 

How can they sit there and tell me to get over it? 

This pain inside is unreal. 

They say that it gets easier but how long will it take? 

If I continue on with this inward struggle I’m afraid I might break. 

I try my best to hide it. 
I cry silently.
Stifling the sobs and inside screaming. 
Compartmentalization has become a full time job. 
Enjoying anything is difficult. 
Sometimes I hate myself so badly. 
I wish I had fought them off. 
Almost all of the men I knew abused me…used me… 

I forgive them.

Why can’t I forgive myself?

I feel betrayed and alone. 
Often I hide it with a smile. 
I try and I try to be whole and happy. 
But something is lost when you’re rapped. 

I pray for my healing because I don’t feel strong enough anymore. 
I am a Christian now because I needed a savior. 
The pain inside me is constant and excruciating. 
Try as I might I cannot ignore it for long. 
Tears roll down my cheeks without my permission. 

“I’m over it.” I say out loud. 

It has been so long. 

Why am I not over it??? 

I cannot get over it.

What should I do? 

Oh God. 

You are the only one… 
These are not tears but prayers of salt and water leaving me and releasing the pressure. 
I tell myself out loud to breathe. 
Tension is the devil and pain is only a tool being used to cripple and silence me. 

The fear and paranoia is from the enemy. 

I pray for protection and peace. 
It makes me so sad…

…to look around and see others suffer the same ways. 
I know I am not alone in this. 

Sometimes that makes it worse… 

I feel for all of those in pain. 

I feel this deeply. 

It hurts to know others are feeling this violation and pain. 

Others, all over are experiencing it right now and I cry out for them. 

Oh how I wish He would take it away. 

One day perhaps when we die I can see the true reasons why. 

For now I try not to cry. 

-Dominique Barrentine