July Sixth Drift:: a poem by Dominique 


A poem by Dominique 

Drifting into the space

between dreams and reality 

Opening up the mind

to unknown possibilities

Breaking the chains of slavery 

freeing yourself with love

We ask ourselves questions 

in the deep dark

Am I meant to live this way 


should I surrender it all to you? 

I choose submission 

to the one true God. 


-Dominique Barrentine 


Passionate Expression of Empathy by: Dominique Barrentine

ADULT CONTENT WARNING:: This blog post concerns sensitive material concerning rape and may be triggering or offensive to some people.  I am outraged and deeply saddened when I hear of cases such as the State of California vs. Brock Turner. Our legal system is demented when rapists are given a slap on the wrist. How is it that so many people can look the other way? Unfortunately rapists are all around us. The sex offender registry is a joke. We need new judges, new laws, and steeper consequences. I think the book should be thrown at this kid and all others like him. Rape is wrong. 

When it happens to other people
They say how sad, 

They say poor thing, 

But when it happens to you it’s different, 

It’s everything. 

How can they sit there and tell me to get over it? 

This pain inside is unreal. 

They say that it gets easier but how long will it take? 

If I continue on with this inward struggle I’m afraid I might break. 

I try my best to hide it. 
I cry silently.
Stifling the sobs and inside screaming. 
Compartmentalization has become a full time job. 
Enjoying anything is difficult. 
Sometimes I hate myself so badly. 
I wish I had fought them off. 
Almost all of the men I knew abused me…used me… 

I forgive them.

Why can’t I forgive myself?

I feel betrayed and alone. 
Often I hide it with a smile. 
I try and I try to be whole and happy. 
But something is lost when you’re rapped. 

I pray for my healing because I don’t feel strong enough anymore. 
I am a Christian now because I needed a savior. 
The pain inside me is constant and excruciating. 
Try as I might I cannot ignore it for long. 
Tears roll down my cheeks without my permission. 

“I’m over it.” I say out loud. 

It has been so long. 

Why am I not over it??? 

I cannot get over it.

What should I do? 

Oh God. 

You are the only one… 
These are not tears but prayers of salt and water leaving me and releasing the pressure. 
I tell myself out loud to breathe. 
Tension is the devil and pain is only a tool being used to cripple and silence me. 

The fear and paranoia is from the enemy. 

I pray for protection and peace. 
It makes me so sad…

…to look around and see others suffer the same ways. 
I know I am not alone in this. 

Sometimes that makes it worse… 

I feel for all of those in pain. 

I feel this deeply. 

It hurts to know others are feeling this violation and pain. 

Others, all over are experiencing it right now and I cry out for them. 

Oh how I wish He would take it away. 

One day perhaps when we die I can see the true reasons why. 

For now I try not to cry. 

-Dominique Barrentine 

God’s Purpose of Hardships and How to Combat Stress

Stress is like a virus that spreads from one person to the next. Like the flu when you worry and fret your energy is sapped, you grow weary and weak. When we freak ourselves out there is no benefit. We gain nothing from our stress yet each one of us does it to some extent or another. 

I propose another option instead of putting yourself in the weakened position of being stressed out, perhaps instead, we pray. As humans we have very little control over the day to day of our own lives. God has all the answers to this it’s only a matter of listening. When we pray (or meditate) we quiet ourselves and seek outside our own minds and bodies for the answers. Generally when we stress there is an emphasis of self blame. We try to fix our issues ourselves but it is impossible. 

Do not be anxious about anything. Instead give everything to God in prayer with thankfulness. Philippians 4:6  

The Bible tells us not to chastise our selves needlessly. God made us; He understands our propensity to stress ourselves out. He knows us so well. Through His words given to us in The Bible the answers are given clearly. He wants the best for us. Because He loves us so deeply the provisions for relief have already been made. 

So remember when life gets you down to talk to God. He can help you. He has all the answers and if you ask Him then perhaps He might tell you. Be kind to yourself. Let it go and let God handle it. Your Father in Heaven loves you so much, only wanting the best for your life. Follow Him, asking Him for help and you will feel better. 

One last thing… God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. At least… He doesn’t give us more than we can handle WITH HIS HELP. We need Him. He uses hard times to show us this. 

I believe that before we were born we lived with/within God and together with Him we chose our lives, our parents and the struggles we would encounter during our time on earth. In Heaven/within God everything is good, positive, and in some ways perhaps it is necessary for us to visit Earth so that we can experience contrast. If life on Earth was perfect it would be Heaven, we wouldn’t learn anything, and honestly I don’t see any purpose in that. 

God has a purpose for everything. Even the worst events on the face of the planet are God’s will. There is goodness even in evil; we must look closely at the darkness to appreciate the light. So just remember that the next time you’re stressed, hurting, and facing the darkness. 

Everything is for the Glory of God. 


-Dominique Barrentine 

Progress on the Moving Process Washington to California 

So things are coming along quite well. Not to say there haven’t been bumps along the way, there has been. Today our house in Washington closed, officially. Yay!

Packing is nearly done and we now have a U-Haul until Sunday. I’m hoping this week we will be attending church in Fairfield at Liberty Church for a second time. I really enjoyed the sermon and worship last time we went. The spirit was in the house.

Unfortunately I pinched a nerve in my neck but it seems to be healing some. Ouchy. What bad timing I always seem to have?! Perhaps it’s just stress. So I try to take a deep breath and slow down my heart.

Perhaps I’ll go draw some more. That always helps. I’ve been taking a bath everyday too since I hurt my neck. The warm water soothes the tension. Taking care of yourself is a very important part of moving!

I’ve made significant progress in the editing stage of my book. As far as spelling and grammar goes I do believe I am nearly there. I have sent out a few copies to friends and family for test reading already as well. The best word I could use to describe it is, “intense.” Looking forward I hope to receive some feedback on my work.

I captured this sequence over the course of my orchids bloom life. I love watching the circle of life unfolding before my eyes. If cared for properly this plant will continue to send up spikes of blooms for many years to come. I hope she survives the move. If they do all the plants will love the extra sunshine!

My neighbor guy gave me these beautiful lilacs. They smell so fragrantly! Maybe I will put a few flowers in my bath. I gifted him these bright sunny daffodils in return. I took pictures over the course of the bloom opening.

 Overall I have many mixed feelings about moving. As much as I’m scared and anxious I am also excited. It will be interesting to see what the next stage in life will bring. I pray to “Make new friends but keep the old ones. One is silver and the other is gold.” Also I pray that God will watch after us on our journey. I am so emotional today but I’m sure everything will be ok. Thankfully my hubby understands me so well, otherwise he might have decided to leave without me! Haha. Anyways, here is to new adventures! 🍸

-Dominique Barrentine


Coloring Pages

My dear, darling hubby bought me this coloring book at the airport a while back. I just want to share a few of the pictures I have done so far. 

 I love using Sakura Gell pens in this book. The metallic, sparkly and shadowed tones make the different patterns pop. 


It is a Christian Peace Meditation coloring book so some of the pages have scriptures on them. 


I love this cross made of flowers and butterflies. I chose to limit my colors on each page. This one uses the glittery pinks, purples, blues and greens only. 

Some of the pages I chose only to color a part of the pattern. Like in this one I selected primary red as the subject so I only colored the inner most hexagon. 


This was a fun page with nine mandalas of similar patterns. I chose two colors for each and tried to make them look as different from one another as possible. 

  Coloring brings peace to my life. Also as an artist it helps to keep my hands accustomed to being used for creating even when I am not painting. I have gone through periods of years where I stopped painting and only colored. Now I like to experiment with different tools and medium. I will always love coloring! 


This one I used colored pencil to mix things up a bit. I really love the horse in this page. It might be my favorite so far. 

Well that’s enough for now. Ttfn.

-Dominique Barrentine   

Following Your Calling

And the power of prayer. 


Do you ever hear voices in your head? I know I sure do! I think we must each have these voices or inner monologues going on within the confines of our skulls. These voices say so many different things. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which voices are Devils working against us. Often it is even harder to discern the voice of God. 

Our minds get so filled up in this world with stimulation constantly streaming in from every direction. We experience our little lives and go about in this technological age soaking up information on our computers and our smart phones. How do we turn ourselves off and hear God! 

It’s simple really. The first thing you do is put the cell phone down. Then you go somewhere by yourself and sit quietly for a few moments. Take a deep breath and let it go. Take another deep breath perhaps you count to ten. Personally I try to empty my mind by just counting my breath for awhile. If you have ever meditated it is sort of like that. Jesus often went to meditate by himself and talk to God. The night before he was killed he sat alone in a dark garden quietly talking to God. 

Sometimes I am afraid to be by myself quietly. I can get anxious and nervous, perhaps even sick to my stomach when I am alone. Fear is from the devil. The enemy doesn’t want me to pray so I must overcome that un-comfort. I must submit myself and just let go. 

I have been trying to sit quietly more often. That is an excellent way to open up and allow God to speak into your life. I pray out loud and say, “God please speak into my life. Lead me on the path I should be walking. I trust in You. Amen.” 

So if you are wanting to find your true purpose… I would suggest you sit quietly and seek God’s wisdom and advice. He is an excellent guide and a great listener. Bring everything to him in prayer. It works for me, how about you? 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Yes, he’s alive. 

He has risen

           from the dead 

                     and Jesus is here. 

We could’ve never known

Hung crucified on a cross

                  Jesus would return

                         for us he gave himself

On this side of God

He couldn’t leave us 

Alone and afraid

Separated from Him

Always sinning

We bring evil upon our self

Jesus brings eternal life

    Without Him is only death

          On Easter He conquered 

So today and everyday 

      we celebrate together 

His life and love

      Greater than any other 

             Power beyond borders 

Our Lord has the ability 

          For every need you have

                         God is the provider

Jesus lives inside us 

Always working 

        trying to pull out all goodness 

He shows our contents
Loves us all the same
I give myself to him and
Celebrate this sacred day. 

-Dominique Barrentine