My book first book: Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday (a memoir)

Today, tomorrow, and yesterday is the title of my new book. It is a memoir that I have been working on for the past ten years. Just last week I decided to finish it an now I have finished the first draft of my very first book! I’m so very excited!!!


This book, like I said has been ten years in the making. Part I starts off with chronological journal from the time I was fifteen until current day. Added in are some poetry and plenty of drama but everything is true life events as accurately portrayed as possible.
The second part is reflections, memories mostly. This book covers a range in subjects mostly revolving around sexual abuse. 

My BOOK! I wrote a book I can’t hardly believe it. 
Finally the third part in my book is the conclusion. It is a story of #redemption and #salvation. My coming of age tale brought to you now. .. 

It is a decent length too. The next stage is the editing, test readers, publishing and marketing to get started. I may decide to self publish but I’m so new to this we shall see. God knows the plan! Wish me luck as a new author! 
-Dominique Barrentine


Sarah Emerson Live

    Last night my hubby and I went to a performance Live at The Triple Door in Seattle. We went to see Sarah Emerson. She is a dear friend of my husband and a wonderful musician.        All week I was super excited for this show. My husband had told me so much about her and her music that I felt like I knew her. I had been wanting to meet her for quite some time but seeing her preform was even better. This singer/songwriter blew my mind! 

       Sarah Emerson is a singer, songwriter, worship leader, and used to be a dancer for the Seattle Sonic basketball team. She does amazing works through the church, with her music, and most recently through the Oh What Joy project in Uganda. Last August she released her first Album, “Sarah Emerson and The Radiokings”, which has helped raise over $10,000 for orphans living at Destiny Orphanage in Uganda, Africa. 

       I would encourage everyone to look her up! She is amazing. You can find her music in the iTunes Store, online, Google, click any of these links! 

Sarah Emerson on Reverbnation
Sarah Emerson’s YouTube Channel
Sarah Emerson’s Website
Sarah Emerson on Amazon Music MP3 Listen Now

       The group that opened for her was called Dillingham and included three brothers from Virgina. I loved Dillingham’s unique sounds. I found the songwriting to be quite forward with emotional overtones.
        Between acts a charity group that Sara helps support and promote, Redeeming Soles, took the stage. Their mission is to bring shoes and socks to the approximately 10,047 homeless in Seattle. Shoes and socks are the most needed item in the homeless community. For every $1 donated the company can buy a pair of shoes for someone that really needs them. They also do a program called, ‘No kid left on the sidelines’ for kids that want to engage in sports but don’t have the shoes to do so. 

        How can you help? Go to  

Redeeming Soles Charity Organization Website
To donate or text to give. There are also shoe drop off sites around Seattle for those of you that might be local.   


The very beautiful

Sara Emerson 

      Her music seems to me to be the perfect blend of indie and soft rock with Christian overtones. The songs she sang last night were deep and powerful, with very emotional singing. This is just what I LOVE in singer, especially in a female vocalist.

      She looked so chic wearing all black. I loved her leather pants and shoes with a flowey loose chiffon long sleeveless blouse. When she took the stage the whole room went crazy. She looked like an angel! 

      In addition to great music, the food at the Triple Door is to die for. I would say it is some of the best modern Asian cuisine I’ve had. We shared three plates between the two of us: Started with Potstickers, excellent sauce, perfectly cooked. Then we had Chicken Satay Skewers with a tiny dab of sticky rice, home made dill pickles and a coconut curry sauce. Finally I ordered a Flourless chocolate torte with ginger ice cream. I was drinking Domaine de Couron Grenachr/ Syrah Coates du Rhone villages France 2012, a red wine that paired perfectly with my desert. 

     Overall we had a fabulous time! For anyone interested in hearing some really beautiful singing from the heart I encourage you to look up Sarah Emerson. I know I will be adding her to the long list of musicians I adore and look up to. More than that she is an amazing human being with so much heart. Give her a listen and I’m sure you will love her too! 

Hubby and I at the show last night. We had such a good time. 

Love her❤️

-Dominique Barrentine 

Spiritual Warfare

        The battle between good and evil started at the beginning of time. Since humans have had knowledge and free will we have had the ability to choose between what is good and what is bad. We try to deny the truth but in our hearts we know when something is wrong. 

        God wants us to do good. He wants us to be the best we can be. To be healthy and kind, to have love in our lives, that is what it means to be close to God. He knows we are not perfect and we never could be. Don’t judge yourself for we have already been judged. We have all been found to be sinners. Imperfect. But we can try to be good. 

        God sent us Jesus as a way to the light. He knew we would fail alone so God sent his one and only son as a perfect gift to the world. The gift of salvation and the ability to concour death. Because Christ rose from the grave we will also be risen, into heaven and the presence of God. All you have to do is trust in that and believe.

       We cannot be saved by our works alone. We need Jesus in our lives to do spiritual warfare on our behalf. Why? Because of the devil and his itty bitty little demons. 

        I saved this image from the Seattle Asian Art Museum yesterday to share the next time I wrote about demons. I really loved how this demon was depicted so small and in such a weak position. 


       Here is another image of this itty bitty little devil. The mask is about real life size to give you an idea of how small he really is. You could squash him under your shoe. 

       My husband told be just by saying, “I am covered in the blood of Jesus Christ!” Has the power to protect you from all evils. There is power in His name. Nothing can stop Him that comes from God. He will return one day and on that day we will rejoice. We Win! 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus          I was not raised in a Christian household. In fact my family was about as far as you could get. My mother was an “earth based spiritualist” as she would say… witchcraft in reality. And my stepfather was atheist but really hated Christians. I had a lot of experience with spells and tarot cards, the black book and all sorts of a occult activities. 

        My biological mother was the main instigator in the alternative lifestyle that we were exposed to. She was very against church and Christians in general. She would always tell me stories about how judgmental and terrible Christians are.           

     As children we drank at home, smoke cigarettes and smoked marijuana all the time. We even had family poker nights. I started smoking age 9 and drinking around 12 years old. My mother smoked so together we would smoke like girlfriends in high school. My mother never encouraged me to do much and even allowed my boyfriend who was 10 years older than me to move into the house. I was 15 and he was 25. He was also in Nevada corrections but she didn’t care she bailed him out so he could come live with us. This is getting way off track, let me get back on point.

I was not raised in a religious household. I walked down a path in my youth that put me very close to the devil. When I was saved I was living in a home dedicated to devil worship. I did not see it that way at the time, because I was so naïve. I didn’t realize that people you love weren’t supposed to treat you as a slave and beat you while saying they love you. For those of you who might’ve guessed this was a BDSM alternative lifestyle household. I was supposed to be a slave in their house. My uncle had brought me there two days after my 18th birthday and left me. 

     I had to been there a little over year when the man who is now my husband met me by chance on a train. I generally wasn’t allowed to leave the state but I was working as a model and had a job in California. I needed to travel for work otherwise I never would’ve been on a train. Today I would probably be dead. 

But I met him. And he said “let’s go this way.” And I followed. And my life will never be the same.

This man is a Christian. He realized when we met the potential inside of me. He listened to me and cared for me. I could see this love in his eyes as I told him about my life. Remembering it I get emotional because no one, especially not a man, had ever shown me the concern on his face. I could tell that he really cared whether or not I lived or died or what I’ve been through. 

    He told me that day that I should write so that other young women wouldn’t feel so alone. Perhaps by writing, over time, I can help save other people. And isn’t that the true meaning of being a Christian? 

       Obviously there are a lot of other details that go into the telling of the story. When I tell my testimony I just want to say it’s never too late. Even if you think you are the darkest most evil person, Jesus can find a way. He already has. We are our own worst judges. When you feel hopeless, that is the devil trying to destroy you just remember… We win! Don’t allow him to tell you otherwise. He is a dirty liar. All of us have done bad things but to God no sin is unforgivable. 

So I would just want to end by saying I give my whole self to God knowing that he put me through the challenges I have been through so that I can give him the glory. He wants me to share the most humiliating parts of myself to glorify him. I will not be ashamed of the things in my past. I will be proud to be saved. I am proud! Thank you Jesus.

-Dominique Barrentine 

Teaching Children

Today’s lesson was held February 29th, 2016 by The Gathering Assembly @ the Landing in Renton Washington
I had a class of 5 children of mixed ages. All of the children where engaged and interested in drawing. So we started just with free drawing. The girls drew themselves and each other in dresses quietly. The little boy drew a sun and a moon. I helped him write out “God is good every day. God is good every night.”
Then I had each child write down their prayers on their weekly prayer sheets. They mostly wanted to pray for their schools and safety. Please help our children by praying with them!  Our main lesson today was “God is Good.”
The Pastor’s main message was “God doesn’t want us to sin.”

The older children received both messages.

I drew this sheet up to photocopy for next week to as a review of what we talked about today!

-Dominique Barrentine