Take Away from reading “What Your Dreams Are Telling You” by: Cindy McGill

I recently finished reading “What Your Dreams Are Telling You” by Cindy McGill which is an excellent book on dreams. Personally I have always been fascinated by dreams and their meanings. I believe as the author in this book does that dreams can contain important messages from God. This is the first book I have read on the subject of dreams that was from a Christian perspective as apposed to a “new age” or “spiritual” point of view. I loved this book!

Overall “What Your Dreams Are Telling You” is a fantastic book that I would recommend to everyone. That’s why I’m putting it out there on the interwebs to share. It covers simple ways to “unlock solutions while you sleep” and interpret your dreams easily. I was amazed at every turn of the page. Literally I could not put this down and read it all the way through in one sitting. If you or someone you know is an active dreamer and would like some insight on how to start a dream journal and begin connecting with that inner most part of themselves I would get this book! 

Cindy McGill starts off by telling the reader about how she began interpretation and sharing stories from her life traveling around to help people with their dreams. In a very personal manner she speaks with a true passion for connecting people with God through the messages he gives all of us while we sleep. I felt as if while I was reading I was able to see this authors heart for people. 

She does include an easy to use index of symbols but her method is more then just all that. I’ve read many books and articles on dream interpretation where the author say this or that means one thing. But in reality there is layers with deeper meaning in everything. This book goes into great detail about how you can apply what you dream of to your waking life. 

After reading “What Your Dreams Are Telling You,” I felt inspired. I am looking forward to understanding God’s purpose for my life through drawing closer in dreams and also in prayer. If you are a friend of mine perhaps you can help me pray for my dreams. I need peace and understanding during this season. I am so glad I read this book. 

-Dominique Barrentine