Easter Dying Update 

Happy Easter everyone!   
So yesterday when I dyed my eggs I threw in some home spun wool yarn I made with my drop spindle. Waiting for yarn to dry is testing my patience. I can’t wait to knit this up. I especially love the light blue but each one is lovely and unique! The three chunky ones will be one project I think a scarf. The other two perhaps a coller or a caplet? 

 I also made egg salad sandwiches with some of the eggs I dyed yesterday. Mmmm. I use olive oil, a little mayo, a little mustard, garlic powder, salt & pepper, eggs of course, onion and olives. Yummy! 

-Dominique Barrentine 


Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Yes, he’s alive. 

He has risen

           from the dead 

                     and Jesus is here. 

We could’ve never known

Hung crucified on a cross

                  Jesus would return

                         for us he gave himself

On this side of God

He couldn’t leave us 

Alone and afraid

Separated from Him

Always sinning

We bring evil upon our self

Jesus brings eternal life

    Without Him is only death

          On Easter He conquered 

So today and everyday 

      we celebrate together 

His life and love

      Greater than any other 

             Power beyond borders 

Our Lord has the ability 

          For every need you have

                         God is the provider

Jesus lives inside us 

Always working 

        trying to pull out all goodness 

He shows our contents
Loves us all the same
I give myself to him and
Celebrate this sacred day. 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Egg dying for Easter

I had a great time dying my eggs today for Easter. I focused mainly on a blue and red color scheme and used the traditional method of using food coloring and vinegar. Of course I don’t do anything the plain old boring way. But I started with fresh white eggs 

  I boiled them and used vinegar in the water to thin the shell and made them more receptive to the food coloring. Once they had boiled for about ten minutes I ran them under ice cold water to cool the. I got this batch of cage free, organic white eggs at our local Safeway grocery store this morning. Many of the shells were broken but I decided to embrace the cracks and incorporate that into the design of my eggs. 

Using various methods I dropped color, soaked some and dipped others into baths of colored vinegar mixed with food color. By leaving them in longer I achieved darker richer colors. Some I only just dunked quickly for a light tint of color. 

  This one was dipped in light orchid colored vinegar and then I dropped a few drops of concentrated color directly on the shell. 
  By leaving it in dye for longer and changing positions of the egg I achieved different effects. This egg also has the print left from where I laid a napkin on to soak up some color leaving a lighter layover of pattern. 
  Here are a few close up photos of my favorite but ones. I love the contrast of the blood red one. I tried to use religious symbolism through the collection of eggs from the cross to the blood of Jesus.  
This egg was created by soaking a paper towel in vinegar, folding it several times, creating the cross patern on th tissue…then I wrapped the paper tool around the egg and covered with plastic wrap while the stain too effect. It came out cool! 

You can see the deca-cake brand food coloring box in the background. You really should use gloves when handing dyes but I always seem to forget! 


After I dyed my eggs I used the vinegar and food coloring to dye this yard. The green one I call “artist self portrait.”  
 Here are the blue egg dyed yarns in a bag off color to sit over night…perhaps for days until I get around to rinse, hang, and dry it! 

I hope you enjoyed my Easter Egg post! God bless America and watch after her in these hard times. Thank you Jesus for dying for us, without you only death but with you eternal life! Amen! 

-Dominique Barrentine