Garden Update and Progress 

Hey blog people! It’s been a bit since I posted but you know… Real life… So I thought I would give a little update on the garden and progress here in our new home.

I’ve always had good luck with growing tomatoes. Which is a very nice treat because I happen to love tomatoes as does my dear hubby. I have five different kinds of heirloom tomatoes growing right now and all of them have given at least some fruit so far. More to come! Way more.

The cucumbers turned yellow… Which I think maybe is supposed to happen… I’m guessing they might be a special kind of cucumber… This was my first try with them and I will be planting more in the shade next time with something to grow into.

My melon seeds took off and are growing all over the place. I planted cantaloupe, honeydew, and I believe there is a watermelon somewhere… We will find out. Lots of flowers so far!

Corn and beans did well here. Peas did not. Each pea plant that survived gave me one pea pod filled with the whimiest peas I’ve ever seen. I think they got too much sun. Gonna plant more soon. The beans did great and are delicious. Still making beans. Corn is coming along. The bottom corn is regular heirloom sweet corn the top is rainbow corn from last Halloween. Excited to see what we get from these.

Here is my pumpkin plant which has made dozens of flowers and keeps getting bigger. I’m praying for at least a couple before Halloween so I can carve them with my kid friends. If not I’ll just have to buy some.

The Aloe Vera that I brought from Washington almost died but it seems to be acclimatizing now. At first they turned black and shriveled up. Now they are perky and green again. Yay! I love Aloe.

Some of the herbs survived the scorching temps and sunshine. A little parsley, basil, dill, mustard, savory, tiny bit of oregano and lots of chives. I’ll be planting more as soon as we stop hitting 100 degrees. Herbs don’t like that. I also look forward to doing more inside once I finish painting, decorating, and organizing the home.

Don’t worry I watered these peppers right after I took this picture. I realized they were thirsty. A few tiny buds are forming. Looking forward to them.

And lastly here are the cats on their first days in the yard respectively. Sir Charles earned his first because he is a good cat. He went out yesterday and loves it. Princess Boo kitty came out this morning and feels the same. I hadn’t let them out since we moved from Olympia (years ago now) because I was afraid if they left the yard they would get hurt or lost. I told them here that as long as they stay in the yard we are good. The first time one gets the wise idea to jump the fence that will be the end of outside privileges. Sometimes I feel like the cat jailer but at least they aren’t pancakes…

Anyways hope everyone is having a beautiful day. Thanks for reading! God Bless you all and keep you in his heart no matter what for ever and ever in Jesus Name! 💙

-Dominique Barrentine