Garden Update and Progress 

Hey blog people! It’s been a bit since I posted but you know… Real life… So I thought I would give a little update on the garden and progress here in our new home.

I’ve always had good luck with growing tomatoes. Which is a very nice treat because I happen to love tomatoes as does my dear hubby. I have five different kinds of heirloom tomatoes growing right now and all of them have given at least some fruit so far. More to come! Way more.

The cucumbers turned yellow… Which I think maybe is supposed to happen… I’m guessing they might be a special kind of cucumber… This was my first try with them and I will be planting more in the shade next time with something to grow into.

My melon seeds took off and are growing all over the place. I planted cantaloupe, honeydew, and I believe there is a watermelon somewhere… We will find out. Lots of flowers so far!

Corn and beans did well here. Peas did not. Each pea plant that survived gave me one pea pod filled with the whimiest peas I’ve ever seen. I think they got too much sun. Gonna plant more soon. The beans did great and are delicious. Still making beans. Corn is coming along. The bottom corn is regular heirloom sweet corn the top is rainbow corn from last Halloween. Excited to see what we get from these.

Here is my pumpkin plant which has made dozens of flowers and keeps getting bigger. I’m praying for at least a couple before Halloween so I can carve them with my kid friends. If not I’ll just have to buy some.

The Aloe Vera that I brought from Washington almost died but it seems to be acclimatizing now. At first they turned black and shriveled up. Now they are perky and green again. Yay! I love Aloe.

Some of the herbs survived the scorching temps and sunshine. A little parsley, basil, dill, mustard, savory, tiny bit of oregano and lots of chives. I’ll be planting more as soon as we stop hitting 100 degrees. Herbs don’t like that. I also look forward to doing more inside once I finish painting, decorating, and organizing the home.

Don’t worry I watered these peppers right after I took this picture. I realized they were thirsty. A few tiny buds are forming. Looking forward to them.

And lastly here are the cats on their first days in the yard respectively. Sir Charles earned his first because he is a good cat. He went out yesterday and loves it. Princess Boo kitty came out this morning and feels the same. I hadn’t let them out since we moved from Olympia (years ago now) because I was afraid if they left the yard they would get hurt or lost. I told them here that as long as they stay in the yard we are good. The first time one gets the wise idea to jump the fence that will be the end of outside privileges. Sometimes I feel like the cat jailer but at least they aren’t pancakes…

Anyways hope everyone is having a beautiful day. Thanks for reading! God Bless you all and keep you in his heart no matter what for ever and ever in Jesus Name! 💙

-Dominique Barrentine


Beauty. a short poem by: Dominique 

Beauty: A short poem

By: Dominique Barrentine 

4:09 Tuesday, June 14th 2016, California 



Oh Beauty 

How you haunt me

Everywhere I go

My beauty, you follow me

Are you a blessing 

Or really a curse

My body a vessel

Temporary shell on earth 

One day will I escape

No more empty stares

Cat calls will be silenced

We never asked for that

How come you cry out

It’s not me that you see

But my body, my beauty

It’s not real

It’s not me

I am more than my body.


God’s Purpose of Hardships and How to Combat Stress

Stress is like a virus that spreads from one person to the next. Like the flu when you worry and fret your energy is sapped, you grow weary and weak. When we freak ourselves out there is no benefit. We gain nothing from our stress yet each one of us does it to some extent or another. 

I propose another option instead of putting yourself in the weakened position of being stressed out, perhaps instead, we pray. As humans we have very little control over the day to day of our own lives. God has all the answers to this it’s only a matter of listening. When we pray (or meditate) we quiet ourselves and seek outside our own minds and bodies for the answers. Generally when we stress there is an emphasis of self blame. We try to fix our issues ourselves but it is impossible. 

Do not be anxious about anything. Instead give everything to God in prayer with thankfulness. Philippians 4:6  

The Bible tells us not to chastise our selves needlessly. God made us; He understands our propensity to stress ourselves out. He knows us so well. Through His words given to us in The Bible the answers are given clearly. He wants the best for us. Because He loves us so deeply the provisions for relief have already been made. 

So remember when life gets you down to talk to God. He can help you. He has all the answers and if you ask Him then perhaps He might tell you. Be kind to yourself. Let it go and let God handle it. Your Father in Heaven loves you so much, only wanting the best for your life. Follow Him, asking Him for help and you will feel better. 

One last thing… God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. At least… He doesn’t give us more than we can handle WITH HIS HELP. We need Him. He uses hard times to show us this. 

I believe that before we were born we lived with/within God and together with Him we chose our lives, our parents and the struggles we would encounter during our time on earth. In Heaven/within God everything is good, positive, and in some ways perhaps it is necessary for us to visit Earth so that we can experience contrast. If life on Earth was perfect it would be Heaven, we wouldn’t learn anything, and honestly I don’t see any purpose in that. 

God has a purpose for everything. Even the worst events on the face of the planet are God’s will. There is goodness even in evil; we must look closely at the darkness to appreciate the light. So just remember that the next time you’re stressed, hurting, and facing the darkness. 

Everything is for the Glory of God. 


-Dominique Barrentine 

Moving Day Washington to California: Boo and Charlie Cats


“Is it time to go yet?” The cats said to their people in unison; they were done with this whole moving thing already. 

“First you pack up all the stuff and clean the whole place, you let all these strangers in and now this?!” They complained looking around the room that has been designated the ‘Cat Room’ for moving day. This area has everything they need but when will it be time to be let out already? 


Sir Charles, the male of the pair, sulks into the closet for some privacy. He throws himself down with a plop and begins to tear out the fur on his hind quarters. There is a hotspot on his hips where as a younger barn cat he got into a tussle with a raccoon and ended up with two broken legs. Somewhat crippled he tries to compensate or hide his pain from the others. 

Princess Boo Kitty is the most well adjusted. As a ragdoll Siamese cat she tends to have a more relaxed attitude in general. I wouldn’t say she is particularly thrilled but she hasn’t lost any sleep over the matter. Her eyes blink slowly and calmly as she lays out on the ground before her humans. 
“You better not forget us!” The cat says rolling onto her back like a kitten. 

Then every time I leave the room they get into position. Charles in the corner of the closet were he can get some secure shut eye and Boo in her crate. 

“I’m ready when you are.” She says each time you open the door. 

So far so good. Soon we will be on to other things guys. Just wait until you see the new house. 

-Dominique Barrentine 

My book first book: Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday (a memoir)

Today, tomorrow, and yesterday is the title of my new book. It is a memoir that I have been working on for the past ten years. Just last week I decided to finish it an now I have finished the first draft of my very first book! I’m so very excited!!!


This book, like I said has been ten years in the making. Part I starts off with chronological journal from the time I was fifteen until current day. Added in are some poetry and plenty of drama but everything is true life events as accurately portrayed as possible.
The second part is reflections, memories mostly. This book covers a range in subjects mostly revolving around sexual abuse. 

My BOOK! I wrote a book I can’t hardly believe it. 
Finally the third part in my book is the conclusion. It is a story of #redemption and #salvation. My coming of age tale brought to you now. .. 

It is a decent length too. The next stage is the editing, test readers, publishing and marketing to get started. I may decide to self publish but I’m so new to this we shall see. God knows the plan! Wish me luck as a new author! 
-Dominique Barrentine



Warning! My dreams contain mature content. Some people may find my dreams to be disturbing. Please do not continue reading if you are under age, easily offended, or do not want to read serious content.

I climb into the rafters hoping to escape the danger below. Pulling myself up and into the small space I pray that I was quiet enough not to attract too much attention. Many times before I have been here in this same spot, crouched in fear, trying to disappear. My hands tremble as I step away from the edge.

‘Am I safe now?’ I ask myself silently on the inside so as not to give away my hiding place. Knowing I couldn’t possibly have escaped that easily I began devising several back up plans.

“Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!” I heard a voice chanting. “You can run but you can’t hide little girl…” I recognized it.

That was her voice, the voice of the woman. I can tell it without even seeing the witch’s face. She is hunting me.

“You thought you could get away from me did you?” She called into the dark building assuming that I can hear her. My knees knocked together as my whole body trembled in fear. I held my breath in anticipation.
‘Please God!’ I prayed silently, ‘Don’t let her eat me.’

She had a thing for vore…for those of you who might have never heard of it, vorarephillia is a sexual perversion in which you become sexual aroused, find gratification, or pleasure from cannibalism. The most common type is “soft vore” which is the fantasy of swallowing someone whole with no bloodshed. Canth was into what would be considered hard vore/vampirism.

Often they would all joke about being vampires. They would play their little table top role playing games and pretend. Large gatherings of people would come over, or meet at the park, to play live action together. Online they would write fantasy stories. They always joked about being a cult. Behind closed doors…in the basements and dungeons…it is not a game.

In my dream I decide to run. I’m on the third story of my grandparents’ house in Seward Park. I look out across Lake Washington and suddenly realize I’m dreaming. So then I decide to fly instead.

I launch myself off the roof just as she is clutching for the purple velvet of my skits but I escape, just barely.

“Get back here you little bitch!” She screamed in a shrieking tone.

“Never!” I yell as I try to glide to a tree, or a roof. I needed something to land on every few feet because instead of flying confidently like a bird I glided like a squirrel or the small marsupial sugar glider that stretched out its flappy arms and launched itself from tree to tree. “Flying” was only the technical term. In my dream it always feels like falling. When I run I can’t really run and when I fly I only sort of fly.

I noticed a small girl clinging in a tree so I aimed for her and landed with a crash only a few feet below her. She was about four or five, with long dark blonde hair and brown eyes just like me. Apparently she had climbed up here on her on. Perhaps, like me, she was hiding from someone.

“Psst.” I whispered trying not to scare her. “Little girl… Can I help you?”

“Yes but I can’t get down,” she said nervously eyeing down the fifty foot trunk of the ancient cedar tree. “Even if I could she would find me. I can’t go down,” she started crying, “and I can’t go home.” She stared off into the distance silent tears falling like raindrops.

But it wasn’t raining now. The sky was grey as usual but as the two of us sat in that tree we were unusually dry and warm.

“It’s ok.” I tried to reassure her. “What’s your name? Wait let me guess…Kiki!”

“How did you know?” She asked in her soft girlish tone still looking down at the distant ground as if somehow by keeping her eyes on it she was guaranteeing her safety.

“I am you.” I responded. “This is only a dream. Are you ok now?” I climbed up to the branch next to her and sat down.

“Let’s blink somewhere.” She said softly closing her eyes. I did the same and seconds later when I opened them we were at an old playground on the beach.

“Ha!” I laughed, pulling off my shoes. “Now that’s better!”

Digging our toes into the sand we both giggled and sighed with relief when we collapsed on the beach. Suddenly a sun break in the North West clouds and gold flecks lit up our brown eyes and our hair.

“You are so beautiful.” I told the child version on me. “Kiki, I love you! Don’t every go away ok?”

“This is where I live now.” She replied with a smile. “Now I’m inside of you until the day you die when we will be reestablished in Heaven. For now I belong in your heart, in your mind, and in your dreams. Come visit me here. When you are afraid call out to me or come sit and play!”

She jumped up and hopped onto a swing. Slowly at first her pumping legs lifted her only slightly. Gradually she rose higher and higher in the swing. Her hair splayed out in gold behind her, a smile spread across her face.

‘Thank you child me,’ I thought and climbed into the seat next to her.

“Thank you for saving me Kiki!” I said sailing like a bird on a wing in that swing. Climbing higher and higher I touched.

“No Dominique, Thank YOU for saving us!” She responded and then I awoke.

-Dominique Barrentine 

Following Your Calling

And the power of prayer. 


Do you ever hear voices in your head? I know I sure do! I think we must each have these voices or inner monologues going on within the confines of our skulls. These voices say so many different things. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which voices are Devils working against us. Often it is even harder to discern the voice of God. 

Our minds get so filled up in this world with stimulation constantly streaming in from every direction. We experience our little lives and go about in this technological age soaking up information on our computers and our smart phones. How do we turn ourselves off and hear God! 

It’s simple really. The first thing you do is put the cell phone down. Then you go somewhere by yourself and sit quietly for a few moments. Take a deep breath and let it go. Take another deep breath perhaps you count to ten. Personally I try to empty my mind by just counting my breath for awhile. If you have ever meditated it is sort of like that. Jesus often went to meditate by himself and talk to God. The night before he was killed he sat alone in a dark garden quietly talking to God. 

Sometimes I am afraid to be by myself quietly. I can get anxious and nervous, perhaps even sick to my stomach when I am alone. Fear is from the devil. The enemy doesn’t want me to pray so I must overcome that un-comfort. I must submit myself and just let go. 

I have been trying to sit quietly more often. That is an excellent way to open up and allow God to speak into your life. I pray out loud and say, “God please speak into my life. Lead me on the path I should be walking. I trust in You. Amen.” 

So if you are wanting to find your true purpose… I would suggest you sit quietly and seek God’s wisdom and advice. He is an excellent guide and a great listener. Bring everything to him in prayer. It works for me, how about you? 

-Dominique Barrentine