July Sixth Drift:: a poem by Dominique 


A poem by Dominique 

Drifting into the space

between dreams and reality 

Opening up the mind

to unknown possibilities

Breaking the chains of slavery 

freeing yourself with love

We ask ourselves questions 

in the deep dark

Am I meant to live this way 


should I surrender it all to you? 

I choose submission 

to the one true God. 


-Dominique Barrentine 


Abandon:: a poem by Dominique Barrentine 


a poem by:

Dominique Barrentine

Quietly I whisper my fears

To the Lord I give it all 

My burden is nothing

Innocently I cry with faith

Hopeful of the future 

My fear is nothing

Lonely I reach upwards

Inward I reach for the spirit

My reality is nothing

Honestly I try for love sake

Trying not to shake/break

My pain is nothing

Hopefully I teach love

Pouring into everyone 

My life is nothing

-Dominique Barrentine 

Beauty. a short poem by: Dominique 

Beauty: A short poem

By: Dominique Barrentine 

4:09 Tuesday, June 14th 2016, California 



Oh Beauty 

How you haunt me

Everywhere I go

My beauty, you follow me

Are you a blessing 

Or really a curse

My body a vessel

Temporary shell on earth 

One day will I escape

No more empty stares

Cat calls will be silenced

We never asked for that

How come you cry out

It’s not me that you see

But my body, my beauty

It’s not real

It’s not me

I am more than my body.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Yes, he’s alive. 

He has risen

           from the dead 

                     and Jesus is here. 

We could’ve never known

Hung crucified on a cross

                  Jesus would return

                         for us he gave himself

On this side of God

He couldn’t leave us 

Alone and afraid

Separated from Him

Always sinning

We bring evil upon our self

Jesus brings eternal life

    Without Him is only death

          On Easter He conquered 

So today and everyday 

      we celebrate together 

His life and love

      Greater than any other 

             Power beyond borders 

Our Lord has the ability 

          For every need you have

                         God is the provider

Jesus lives inside us 

Always working 

        trying to pull out all goodness 

He shows our contents
Loves us all the same
I give myself to him and
Celebrate this sacred day. 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Dangerous Love 

Dangerous Love  
 Before you let yourself fall madly deeply under love’s trance like dance

After you ask yourself questions between midnight glances 

Before you get swept up inwards and downwardly spiraling drafts

After realizing only seconds too late situations call for desperate measure

God sends you an angel

Leading you away from 

harm and danger

Finally lifting you up 

allowing you to be 

everything to someone. 

Love knows no difference

You cannot imagine 

Alone I will fail 

With Him Forever 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Sky of Many Colors

The sky is blue 

I don’t know what to do

With light shine through

The sky is black 

I can’t hold back

With a panic attack

The sky is pink

I couldn’t think

With out my drink

The sky is bright

I see the light

With it improved sight

The sky is dull

I feel the pull

With emotions full

The sky is blue

I knew

This is what I should do

-Dominique Barrentine 


He had magic 

In his feet

In his eyes

In his hands

He was from outer space 

Another time

Another place

They said he was this

They said he was that

No one understood

He was a moon walker

He was a night stalker

He was a genie 

From a far away land

No one will forget

His name

His moves

His songs 

We loved him

We hurt him

Oh what a man

But was he a man?

Or was he a little boy? 

The world will never know

What could have been?

What would have been? 

Just a shooting star

Just a moonwalker 

-Dominique Barrentine 

Photograph of equestrian portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson) 2009, oil on canvas by 

Kehinde Wiley 

On display at SAM