July Sixth Drift:: a poem by Dominique 


A poem by Dominique 

Drifting into the space

between dreams and reality 

Opening up the mind

to unknown possibilities

Breaking the chains of slavery 

freeing yourself with love

We ask ourselves questions 

in the deep dark

Am I meant to live this way 


should I surrender it all to you? 

I choose submission 

to the one true God. 


-Dominique Barrentine 


God’s Purpose of Hardships and How to Combat Stress

Stress is like a virus that spreads from one person to the next. Like the flu when you worry and fret your energy is sapped, you grow weary and weak. When we freak ourselves out there is no benefit. We gain nothing from our stress yet each one of us does it to some extent or another. 

I propose another option instead of putting yourself in the weakened position of being stressed out, perhaps instead, we pray. As humans we have very little control over the day to day of our own lives. God has all the answers to this it’s only a matter of listening. When we pray (or meditate) we quiet ourselves and seek outside our own minds and bodies for the answers. Generally when we stress there is an emphasis of self blame. We try to fix our issues ourselves but it is impossible. 

Do not be anxious about anything. Instead give everything to God in prayer with thankfulness. Philippians 4:6  

The Bible tells us not to chastise our selves needlessly. God made us; He understands our propensity to stress ourselves out. He knows us so well. Through His words given to us in The Bible the answers are given clearly. He wants the best for us. Because He loves us so deeply the provisions for relief have already been made. 

So remember when life gets you down to talk to God. He can help you. He has all the answers and if you ask Him then perhaps He might tell you. Be kind to yourself. Let it go and let God handle it. Your Father in Heaven loves you so much, only wanting the best for your life. Follow Him, asking Him for help and you will feel better. 

One last thing… God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. At least… He doesn’t give us more than we can handle WITH HIS HELP. We need Him. He uses hard times to show us this. 

I believe that before we were born we lived with/within God and together with Him we chose our lives, our parents and the struggles we would encounter during our time on earth. In Heaven/within God everything is good, positive, and in some ways perhaps it is necessary for us to visit Earth so that we can experience contrast. If life on Earth was perfect it would be Heaven, we wouldn’t learn anything, and honestly I don’t see any purpose in that. 

God has a purpose for everything. Even the worst events on the face of the planet are God’s will. There is goodness even in evil; we must look closely at the darkness to appreciate the light. So just remember that the next time you’re stressed, hurting, and facing the darkness. 

Everything is for the Glory of God. 


-Dominique Barrentine 

Following Your Calling

And the power of prayer. 


Do you ever hear voices in your head? I know I sure do! I think we must each have these voices or inner monologues going on within the confines of our skulls. These voices say so many different things. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which voices are Devils working against us. Often it is even harder to discern the voice of God. 

Our minds get so filled up in this world with stimulation constantly streaming in from every direction. We experience our little lives and go about in this technological age soaking up information on our computers and our smart phones. How do we turn ourselves off and hear God! 

It’s simple really. The first thing you do is put the cell phone down. Then you go somewhere by yourself and sit quietly for a few moments. Take a deep breath and let it go. Take another deep breath perhaps you count to ten. Personally I try to empty my mind by just counting my breath for awhile. If you have ever meditated it is sort of like that. Jesus often went to meditate by himself and talk to God. The night before he was killed he sat alone in a dark garden quietly talking to God. 

Sometimes I am afraid to be by myself quietly. I can get anxious and nervous, perhaps even sick to my stomach when I am alone. Fear is from the devil. The enemy doesn’t want me to pray so I must overcome that un-comfort. I must submit myself and just let go. 

I have been trying to sit quietly more often. That is an excellent way to open up and allow God to speak into your life. I pray out loud and say, “God please speak into my life. Lead me on the path I should be walking. I trust in You. Amen.” 

So if you are wanting to find your true purpose… I would suggest you sit quietly and seek God’s wisdom and advice. He is an excellent guide and a great listener. Bring everything to him in prayer. It works for me, how about you? 

-Dominique Barrentine