My “Wandering Jew” 

This is my “Wandering Jew,” otherwise known as Tradescantia fluminensis, or small leaf spider plant.  

It seems to be stressed out about the move, and fairly tired of the dark gloomy days of the Pacific Northwest. The leaves are showing some serious damage. 

 I’m not sure exactly what is going on. I think these dead spots will be pruned out today. Then after the move I will propagate this mama plant into babies. 

I just read an excellent blog post about where this plant got its name.

 Plants are the Strangest People Blogspot

Not only does the author tell this hilarious (but totally fictional) story of Jesus cursing some Jewish  fellow to wander the earth until Chists return, but she also adds fun facts about this much beloved house plant. 

I would love to get some different varieties of this plant at some point. Looking at pictures I dedided the next one is going to be a Tradescantia Zebrina which has purple leaves and flowers more frequently. My little green Tradescantia has yet to bloom but believe it or not this plant is less than a year old!

The “Wandering Jew” is a hearty and fast growing houseplant. So far it seems very difficult to kill. I do think it will survive the trip nicely. 

I can only bring my house plants and 1 rose in the truck to California. They don’t allow outside plants with native soils and bugs for fear of contaminating the nation’s farmlands. Most of our food comes from California. I would hate to accidentally introduce apple maggots or something wild. 

I would love to hear your comments on the Tradescantia Flueminensis. Do you like the name “Wandering Jew?” Would you prefer a different variety? If you have one of these plants I’d love to see pictures. What varieties do you have? And does anyone know exactly what is going on with these leaves?  

-Dominique Barrentine